Monday, 20 February 2012

Flash mobs and cocktail dresses

Wow, welcome home Stella!

The only words I can manage after seeing Stella McCartney's surreal fashion show Saturday evening. I've loved Stella's designs for a while now, but this has put her onto a whole new level and as many people are saying 'gone down in fashion history'.

Too most it seemed like any 'normal-yet-oh-so-stylish' black tie dinner (vegetarian of course...). However unknowingly, the guests were surrounded by the new autumn winter 12 collections worn by one of the many models also sat eating dinner (trying stupendously hard not to spill a drip onto the marble print silk evening gowns).

A Jazz band, a six course meal and a hypnotised and levitated Alexa Chung later and finally those hidden models sporting the latest collection sprang into life, jumping on tables and performing a well choreographed ballet to Led Zeppelin. And if that wasn't enough professional dancers who had been acting as mannequins, some suspended from the ceiling others dangling from their optical illusion bandage dresses, were then added into the mix to create a show stopping spectacle.

And what a show it was for the ultra star studded audience.

 Alex Chung

 Dionne Bromfield

 Kate Moss


Rihanna and the queen of fashion Anna Wintour

Above photos taken from

Sadly I couldn't make it (didn't want to go anyway...cough!), instead I spent the evening watching Take me out and eating love hearts. Oh the shame. 

However Sunday I decided to go shopping and came home with a Mac Book Pro and I haven't been off it since, until my boyfriend decided he wanted to spend all evening on virtual DJ. Not going to lie, I felt a little bit like my new toy had been taken off of me at Christmas. 

Along with this, I also bought some new bits and bobs to update my wardrobe including a candy coloured  knit that I may find myself living in for the next few months. Love it! So I shall be updating you with photos and outfit posts throughout the week! 

I hope everyone has been loving LFW as much as me (I want some Mulberry loving!)


  1. It´s great to find this blog again. I hope you can check out mine.

  2. Aw thank you! I've checked yours out too! x