Wednesday, 29 June 2011

For every lover...

Completely and utterly blown away by the standard and innovation of all the graduate garments strutting down the Royal & Derngate Theatre runway, I suddenly realised (after absorbing in the mesmerised atmosphere) exactly why I love fashion so much; there is no limit to where one can go with it! For what one person finds absolutely extradinary, another depises, but all can join together to praise and respect the efforts that have gone into creating such a piece. And this is the brilliance of fashion.

The Northampton Uni Fashion, Textiles and Surface Design students were all given the theme of 'Formula Fashion' to feed and inspire ideas which eventually developed into such a diverse and ecletic bunch of outfits. From a Japenese printed jumpsuit by Rosie Clarke to a cute leather shorts, white blouse and fur jacket combo by Vicky Fallon. My personal favorite collection was that of Siobbhan Street, who's neon prints could fit in easily at London Fashion Week alongside the S/S11 Christopher Kane collection. Vivky Fallon's collection also would have fitted perfectly alongside the collections of Topshop Unique, with a perfect combination of fur, leather and sheer materials!

Siobbhan Street's fabulous jumpsuit.

On the catwalk...perfectly coordinating with the dalmations.

Christopher Kane's S/S11 collection.

Vicky Fallon...The dark side of a Doll.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Addict of the net

After aimlessly spending 3 and a half hours browsing the internet, i think i've finally discovered it's one fault; far too addictive! We've all had one of those moments where you switch on your laptop to quickly check you email but instead autotyped 'facebook' into the search bar, and by the time you realise how long you've spent stalking your ex-boyfriend's new 'ugly' girlfriend and the hot guy at work, you've missed your weekly catch up of Gossip Girl, completely forgotten about the work you were meant to be doing and the thought of checking your hotmail account has totally blown out of your mind.  Well for me, ASOS and Boohoo seem to be creating this 'facebook effect' on me.

It's not just the bargains that can be found that excites me, but the fact that you don't have to worry about turning up to a party in the same Topshop Bestseller as someone else. With the large choice of dresses available from all over the world in a simple click, i can see why it's become so addictive! And so here i am, sharing my best finds with you...

With love
Emma xx