Monday, 30 January 2012

It's been a while

Wow, it's been far too long since I last posted and I have so much to share over my past few months.

First of all, I had the greatest (but very cold) few days break in the fabulous city of Amsterdam over Christmas. It's been somewhere I've always wanted to go and see after hearing such amazing things about it and it did not disappoint. However it was totally different to how I imagined it to be; there were no crowds of loud, over intoxicated men on seedy stag weekends, hash cakes were not present in every single cafe over the capital and as for women in windows, the only sighting was the one time I accidently got lost wondering through a small side street of red lights. Instead I was embraced with the beautiful canals and the tiny vintage antique shops that completely encapsulated the town of Amsterdam. Along with the best hot chocolate with the cutest biscuit, that I have ever tasted in my entire life.

 The museum square

Couldn't resist a cheeky snap at Madame Thuassards

The city of bikes

Hot waffles thank you! Yum.

The there's Christmas and I got the new Olympus Pen camera (Thank you Mum!!) which has not left my side since. For my news years resolution, alongside the conventional need to get fit/must use my gym membership, I decided I wanted to take a photo every single day so I can create a 'my year in photos' kind of scrap book. So here's a selection of them so far... although I won't bore you with my PJ Sunday snaps which is becoming apparent that they are happening a little too often.

But most recently, I've been appointed Marketing and PR assistant manager for my universities Fashion Auction which we are in the process of organising! Very exciting times, and I will keep you posted on this!

But on a Fashion note I want hair like this...

Oh, I've also developed an obsession to Fantasy Shopper where I can create outfits from the high street offerings, although sometimes I'm tempted to turn my fantasy purchases into real life purchases. Not such good news for my bank balance. Although I did purchase a few dresses in the Asos Sale Saturday afternoon... I shall be sitting by the letter box in anticipation for their arrival!

Happy Monday!
Love Emma