Friday, 12 August 2011

Capturing the moment.

I started a blog as a way of capturing and recording all of my thoughts and opinions on all things fashion. It wasn't until I began writing posts that actually I realised it doesn't always have to be as simple as photographing daily outfits and sharing internet finds with the world but a wider world of photography, inspiring a whole range of new fashion; through colour, texture, print and shape. This is when I came across Instagram; an amazing Iphone app (mentioned by a handful of fellow bloggers) which allows anyone to transform a photo into a beautiful (almost professional) image by simply choosing a filter. Now Instagram has become my major tool for this blog; proving you don't need an massive budget to start, just a creative mind and a passion for a topic!

Looking back at my summer photography collection, I seem to have found an unexplainable passion for all things furry, colourful and cute! Perhaps this love has come from being constantly surrounded by my sisters' five month old puppy (who in the two weeks of staying with me had managed to chew up a pair of shoes, numerous bras, one of my boyfriends birthday pressies, a couple of bed cushions and bought a small mouse to my feet twice) and rabbit whilst she sunbathed on a sandy beach drinking Mojitos, somewhere in the middle of the Greek Islands. So during my 'bonding time' with the pup that soon became known as 'destruction doggy', to most of my family and friends, I took an interesting mix of photos using my fabulous new app of food i'd eaten, flowers i'd loved and obviously the animals!



What are your favorite things to photograph? What inspires you?

Happy blogging!

Emma Jane

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