Monday, 31 October 2011

Spitalfield Sunday

Sunday's can only mean one thing... a day of sleeping, eating and shopping. Actually, minus the sleeping part; after a few too many archers and lemonades Saturday night, my brain went into idol mode and I returned home (fair to say a little off balanced) in the early hours Sunday morning. Lets just say that extra hour in bed was extremely appreciated!

Any who back to 'fashion blog' talk... I visited Spitalfields market in East London for the first time and after strolling around for what seemed like hours, my only thought was 'Why the hell have I not been here before!'! An eclectic mix of vintage clothing, antique jewellery and pop art prints grace the stalls whilst the smell of cafe lattes and croissants fill the autumn air. I found myself an antique gold pocket watch and vintage woolen cardigan for just £25 for the two. And my Sunday morning of trawling through clothes never stopped there, in fact it just got a whole lot more exciting at Brick lane, before heading back to the comforts of the highstreet where regretfully I left behind a lovely pair of Leopard print converse (Deffinately one for the Christmas list, if I can wait!). Oh how I love to shop.

A cheeky trip to Madame Tussauds... Hello Einstein.

Purchase photos should be making an appearence sometime in the near future... that is if my week goes to plan.

Happy Halloween!

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